Clean In The Inside Clean On The Outside - How To Clean A Criminal Record.

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Clean In The Inside Clean On The Outside - How To Clean A Criminal Record.

Clean In The Inside Clean On The Outside

clean in the inside clean on the outside

    in the
  • (in this) therein: (formal) in or into that thing or place; "they can read therein what our plans are"

  • Overview (total time = 00:29:39), I cover some definitions of lean, its roots in the Toyota Production System, and how resource planning and lean work together.

  • “steady state” thermal values obtained from laboratory testing, it is assumed that temperatures at both sides of a wall are constant and remain constant for a period of time, unlike what actually occurs in normal conditions.

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

clean in the inside clean on the outside - Tetra Whisper

Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 40I with BioScrubber, 20 to 40-Gallon

Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 40I with BioScrubber, 20 to 40-Gallon

For the ultimate in convenience and quiet, choose a Whisper In-Tank Filter. These filters mount on the inside of the aquarium, rather than hanging from the outside -- making it possible to place the tank flush against a wall. In-Tank Filters are unusually quiet, since the motor is under the water. Offering the same quality and performance as an external filter, the Whisper In-Tank Filter will function in as little as 2 inches of water -- making it ideal for turtle tanks, or for creating a waterfall inside the tank.The Whisper In-Tank filter features adjusts easily to high or low water levels with mounting suction cups and/or bracket. Each filter comes with one pre-assembled Whisper Bio-Bag filter cartridge.

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Kaaba ??????? al-Ka?bah

Kaaba ??????? al-Ka?bah

The Kaaba (Arabic: ??????? al-Ka?bah IPA: [??l?k??b?], English: The Cube)[1] is a cuboid-shaped building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is the most sacred site in Islam.[2] The Qur'an states that the Kaaba was constructed by Abraham and his son Ishmael, after Ishmael had settled in Arabia.[3] The building has a mosque built around it, the Masjid al-Haram. All Muslims around the world face the Kaaba during prayers, no matter where they are.
One of the Five Pillars of Islam requires every Muslim to perform the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in his or her lifetime if they are able to do so. Multiple parts of the Hajj require pilgrims to walk seven times around the Kaaba in a counter-clockwise direction (as viewed from above). This circumambulation, the Tawaf, is also performed by pilgrims during the Umrah (lesser pilgrimage).[2] However, the most dramatic times are during the Hajj, when, officially, about 6 million pilgrims gather to circle the building on the same day.[4][5]

1 Location and physical attributes
2 Black Stone
3 In the Qur'an
3.1 After Abraham and Ishmael
3.2 Before Muhammad
3.3 Muhammad
4 History
5 Cleaning
6 Qibla and prayer
7 Notes
8 References
9 External links
[edit]Location and physical attributes

The Kaaba is located at exactly°N°E inside the Masjid al-?aram ("The Sacred Mosque") in the center of Mecca. A large masonry structure in the shape of a cuboid, it is made of granite quarried from nearby hills. Standing upon a 25 cm (10 in) marble base that projects outwards about 35 cm (14 in),[2] it is approximately 13.1 m (43 ft) high, with sides measuring 11.03 m (36.2 ft) by 12.86 m (42.2 ft).[6][7]
Al-Hajaru l-Aswad, "the Black Stone", is located in the Kaaba's eastern corner. Its northern corner is known as the Ruknu l-?Iraqi, "the Iraqi corner", its western as the Ruknu sh-Shami, "the Levantine corner", and its southern as Ruknu l-Yamani "the Yemeni corner".[2][7] The four corners of the Kaaba roughly point toward the four cardinal directions of the compass.[2] Its major (long) axis is aligned with the rising of the star Canopus toward which its southern wall is directed, while its minor axis (its east-west facades) roughly align with the sunrise of summer solstice and the sunset of winter solstice.[8][9]

The Kaaba is inside the Masjid al Haram in Mecca
The Kaaba is covered by a black silk and gold curtain known as the kiswah, which is replaced annually during the hajj.[10][11] Two-thirds of the way up is a band of gold embroidered Qur'anic text, including the Shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith.
In modern times, entry to the Kaaba's interior is only permitted on rare occasions for a small number of guests. The entrance is a door set 2 m (7 ft) above the ground on the north-eastern wall of the Kaaba, which acts as the facade.[2] In 1979 the 300 kg gold doors made by chief artist Ahmad bin Ibrahim Badr, replaced the old silver doors made by his father, Ibrahim Badr in 1942.[12] There is a wooden staircase on wheels, usually stored in the mosque between the arch-shaped gate of Banu Shaybah and the well of Zamzam. Inside the Kaaba, the floor is made of marble and limestone. The interior walls are clad with marble halfway to the roof; The marble is inset with Qur'anic inscriptions: The wall directly adjacent to the entrance of the Kaaba has 5 tablets inlaid with the inscriptions The top part of the walls are covered with a green cloth embroidered with gold Qur'anic verses. Caretakers anoint the marble cladding with scented oil used on the Black Stone outside.
There is also a semi-circular wall opposite, but not connected to, the north-west wall of the Kaaba known as the hatim. This is 90 cm (35 in) in height and 1.5 m (4.9 ft) in width, and is composed of white marble. At one time the space lying between the hatim and the Kaaba belonged to the Kaaba itself, and for this reason it is not entered during the tawaf. Some believe that the graves of prophet Ismail and his mother Hagar[2] are located in this space.
Muslims throughout the world face the Kaaba during prayers, which they perform five times a day. For most places around the world, coordinates for Mecca suffice. Worshippers in the Masjid al-Haram pray in Concentric circles around the Kaaba.

Drawing of the Kaaba. See key at left for details
Black Stone on the south-east corner.
Entry door, on the East wall 2.13 metres above ground level. It is accessed using a set of portable steps.
Rainwater spout made of gold. This was added in the rebuilding of 1627 after the previous year's rain caused three of the four walls to collapse.
Gutter, also added in 1627 to protect the foundation from groundwater.
Hatim, a low wall originally part of the Kaaba. Pilgrims do not walk in the area between this wall and the Kaaba. Some believe this area contains the graves of Haajara and Ismail.
Al-Multazam, the part of the wall between the Black Stone and the entry door.
Post of Abra

Mekong fisherman on a rainy morning

Mekong fisherman on a rainy morning

© all rights reserved

Laos wet season runs from around May to October, and as with many Southeast Asian countries, the wet season is characterised by a downpour for a few hours each day rather than all-day torrential downpours. While the rainy season tends to strike Laos pretty much, in such forestry area the higher you are, the more rain you get. August is the wettest month. All in all, land transport during Laos wet season can be slow and soggy. Laos pretty mountainous lends itself to landslides, some minor, some not-so-minor. Also, with all this rainfall, the rivers can become beastly and delays due to bridges being down are not uncommon. Don't be surprised if your trip takes longer than expected. There are some advantages of this season which are lower temperatures, cleaner air and it's very quiet.

On this rainy morning there is not much to do in Pakse - South of Laos. The relaxed atmosphere was perfect for unwinding, resting in my hammock on my balcony and reading my Laos travel book, a break from the fast pace of the outside world. But I did have to go back inside to get my camera. I just had to take this photo of the different shapes of the mighty Mekong stream along with the heavy rainfall. The rain doesn't seems to border the fisherman at all.

The flat plains and rice fields in the South of Laos appear to be nearly endless. The hot sun, torrential rain and hard work in the fields definitely takes its toll on the people. They enjoy their breaks, take life slowly, and somehow still smile the entire time. The Mighty Mekong cuts through this area along the east border. Laos is truly a Mekong country, the river runs its full length. It is a quiet, unexplored jewel of Southeast Asia with only 4 million people. Landlocked between China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, Laos has long remained isolated. Despite the fact that it was heavily bombed in the '60s and early '70, its culture and scenery remain intact, from the lush green mountains of its North to the ancient archeaological treasures of its South. You will not find large numbers of tourists as its leaders are worry of the difficulties mass tourism can cause.

clean in the inside clean on the outside

clean in the inside clean on the outside

Screen Protector for Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760 (Sprint, Boost Mobile)

Sanyo Incognito Screen Protectors prevent your phone's screens from getting scratched. Film is totally clear - no haziness - no bubbles - less glare. Screen Protectors are custom tailored to fit the Sanyo Incognito SCP-6760 and include 2 pieces for both the outside and inside screens. Front piece covers and protects the entire front including the touch-keys. Screen Protectors are easy to apply, but does require exact placement as they are made to exact shape and dimensions of the phone's screens. Compatible with Sanyo Incognito 6760 / SCP-6760.

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dry clean equipment for sale

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Clean life products - How to clean mold from basement.

Clean Life Products

clean life products

  • A substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process

  • A thing or person that is the result of an action or process

  • (product) a quantity obtained by multiplication; "the product of 2 and 3 is 6"

  • An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale

  • (product) merchandise: commodities offered for sale; "good business depends on having good merchandise"; "that store offers a variety of products"

  • (product) an artifact that has been created by someone or some process; "they improve their product every year"; "they export most of their agricultural production"

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

  • a characteristic state or mode of living; "social life"; "city life"; "real life"

  • Living things and their activity

  • the course of existence of an individual; the actions and events that occur in living; "he hoped for a new life in Australia"; "he wanted to live his own life without interference from others"

  • The state of being alive as a human being

  • The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death

  • the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities; "he could no longer cope with the complexities of life"

clean life products - Prevue Cockatiel

Prevue Cockatiel Clean Life Cage System White/White 18x18x24

Prevue Cockatiel Clean Life Cage System White/White 18x18x24

The Clean Life Bird Cage will make owning a bird more enjoyable and clean up much easier. The .5 inch bar spacing makes this cage ideal for your small bird. An integrated seed guard guides seed and debris back into the cage and with lower cup placement, this effectively reduces mess. A snug-fit, squeegee-edged, removable drawer eliminates the gap between the base and the drawer. The bottom grill is removable from the front of the cage and slides out for easy cleaning. Two perches are included. Some assembly required. Shown in Sage Green/White. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the company of your bird with the Clean Life Bird Cage. Dimensions: 18W x 18D x 24H in. .5 in bar spacing, ideal for small birds. Choice of pet-safe finishes. 2 cup seed capacity; seed guard. Pull out drawer for easy cleaning. 2 feeder cups, 2 perches .

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Household products group

Household products group

Image for a retailer's poster.
Shot with a Canon 5d with 3 Elinchrom RX600 heads.
Lime Lite wipes were added later with Photoshop.

Better Life

Better Life

Totally natural plant-based cleaning products from my friends, Tim & Kevin.

clean life products

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Clean Out Body. Dry Clean Depot Bowie. How To Clean A Motorcycle Engine

Clean Out Body

clean out body

    clean out
  • empty completely; "We cleaned out all the drawers"

  • force out; "The new boss cleaned out the lazy workers"

  • deprive completely of money or goods; "The robbers cleaned us out in a couple of hours"

  • The physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs

  • A corpse

  • invest with or as with a body; give body to

  • The physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit

  • a group of persons associated by some common tie or occupation and regarded as an entity; "the whole body filed out of the auditorium"; "the student body"; "administrative body"

  • the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being); "he felt as if his whole body were on fire"

clean out body - Dove Men

Dove Men and Care Body and Face Wash, Extra Fresh, 18 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Dove Men and Care Body and Face Wash, Extra Fresh, 18 Ounce (Pack of 3)

A body and face wash developed for men's skin with Micromoisture technology. Micromoisture activates on skin when lathering up, clinically proven to fight skin dryness. Extra fresh cleansing gel that rinses off easily. With a cooling agent. Dermatologist recommended. Did you know by reducing your shower 2 minutes you can save an average of 40 gallons of water a week?

The Dove® Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash with MICROMOISTURE technology is clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than regular men's body wash. This ultra-light formula rinses off easily for a refreshing clean and total skin comfort. For best results, use this body wash with the Dove® Men+Care Active Clean Shower Tool.
Extra Fresh Body Wash
Refreshing cleansing gel rinses off easily.
MEN+CARE Body Wash Family
MICROMOSTURE activates on skin when lathering up. Droplets are precisely sized to deliver optimum moisture without feeling heavy.


MEN+CARE Products

Extra Fresh Body Wash

Ultra-light formula rinses easily and cleanly
MICROMOISTURE activates when lathering
For best results, use with Active Clean Shower Tool
Fights dryness better than regular body wash
Available sizes: 13.5 ounces and 18 ounces


Clinically Proven to Fight Dryness
Specially formulated with proprietary technology and designed especially for men, the Dove® Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash both cleans and protects skin. It provides the refreshment men want, and like all products in the Dove® Men+Care line, is clinically proven to fight skin dryness without irritation or tightness.

Recommended by dermatologists, Extra Fresh Body Wash provides total skin comfort. It's the only men's body wash with ultra-light MICROMOISTURE technology, a unique gel that activates directly on skin during lather to guard against skin discomfort.

Rinses Clean
With its rich lather and moisturizers, Extra Fresh Body Wash pampers skin as it cleanses. It also rinses off easily and completely, leaving only clean, refreshed skin behind. And it's effective and gentle enough to use every day.

About Dove® Men+Care
The Dove® Men+Care products are specially formulated to provide total skin comfort and a refreshing clean, without irritation or tightness. This innovative product collection includes Body and Face Wash with MICROMOISTURE technology, Body and Face Bar, and a Shower Tool.

What's in the Box
One pack containing three 18-ounce bottles of Dove® Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash.

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Clean Up On Aisle 2

Clean Up On Aisle 2

When one of our chickens die, we normally just toss the body out into the field, and within a day the local scavengers have taken care of it, leaving only a few feathers. Usually it is the ravens or sometimes turkey vultures. Today however, we had a big bald eagle on the clean up crew.

Clean Up On Aisle 1

Clean Up On Aisle 1

When one of our chickens die, we normally just toss the body out into the field, and within a day the local scavengers have taken care of it, leaving only a few feathers. Usually it is the ravens or sometimes turkey vultures. Today however, we had a big bald eagle on the clean up crew.

clean out body

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Cleaning Chocolate Stains. Golf Club Cleaning Brush. Can I Wash Dry Clean Only.

Cleaning Chocolate Stains

cleaning chocolate stains

  • A food preparation in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened

  • cocoa: a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot

  • a medium brown to dark-brown color

  • A candy made of or covered with this

  • A drink made by mixing milk with chocolate

  • a food made from roasted ground cacao beans

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

  • the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"

  • (clean) free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • A colored patch or dirty mark that is difficult to remove

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cleaning chocolate stains - Zojirushi CD-LCC30

Zojirushi CD-LCC30 Micom 3.0-Liter Electric Dispensing Pot

Zojirushi CD-LCC30 Micom 3.0-Liter Electric Dispensing Pot

Enjoy the convenience of having hot water on demand for all of your dining needs. With the Panorama Window Microm Electric Dispensing Pot, you'll never have to sit around watching water boil! Instant coffee and noodles finally live up to their name when you have water that's hot and ready to pour. Discover the joy of tea without the preparation hassles. A new world of cooking possibilities opens up with the convenient Micom Electric Dispensing Pot.

A handy workhorse for homes where tea is a staple, this 3.0-liter Micom pot from Zojirushi boils water then keeps it hot. Equipped with a handy electric dispenser, the unit requires no pouring and makes it easy to fill mug after mug or add a quick shot of hot water to a bowl of oatmeal or ramen. A micro-computerized heating system monitors water temperature precisely and includes a re-boil mode and three keep-warm settings of 175, 195, or 208 degrees F. In addition, a dechlorinating mode helps reduce chlorine and odors, while a descaling mode cleans the interior pot. The unit also has a timer so you can program it to have water hot on your schedule.
The pot’s control touchpad is cleanly laid out, with satisfying buttons, function lights, and a digital display that shows present water temperature, temperature setting, and remaining time. An automatic lock helps keep fingers safe, and an automatic safety device cuts power to prevent overheating. Other helpful details include a wrap-around water level gauge, a 360-degree swivel base, a nonstick interior, a removable power cord, and a basket-style handle to simplify transport. The pot is no speed demon, taking about 27 minutes to boil a 3.0 liters, but its convenience makes up for the initial time investment. Zojirushi also makes the pot in 2.2-liter and 4.0-liter versions. --Emily Bedard

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1 - Carnival Magic (And Chaos) (6-6-9)

1 - Carnival Magic (And Chaos) (6-6-9)

Jaina Lefevre is carrying towels and a Mercy Doll. She spies Deets and grins." MAMA! I'm gonna help Portia with towels for the may-ore. The Sil lady won't lick it off 'im so he needs towels."

Deets Carroll spies Jaina and she hangs back, smiling, just watching the child.

Deets Carroll grins, "Well, towels would definitely help."

Portia Kass giggled as she watched Jaina approaching her mother and put a hand up to wave at the woman.

Conor Nitely would have waved as well except for the towels over his head. He just stood in the street swaying slightly, pudding nightmare at the beach rendering him speechless for now.

Deets Carroll pouts, "I was looking for you during the parade, did you see it?"

Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "Nuh uh. Nanny was pukin' in the bathroom so we was late." She looks at Conor and Portia. "You wanna come with us to give him towels?"

Deets Carroll sighs. "Well, that's too bad. The Snake Pit float WON!"

Portia Kass continued to guide Conor back beachward... she was sure Damian was standing around nearly naked and covered in pudding waiting for them. "You can catch up with us Jaina! We're going to go on ahead," she grinned and started off with Conor.

Deets Carroll nods, "Oh sure, I'll come with you!"

Silua Mills glances up at Damian, no longer as disgusted at the pudding in his hair now that her skirt is ruined. "You can't just -clean- chocolate pudding out of fabric like this..." she whines. "But it doesn't matter. That harpy probably needed to ..release some frustration after the way she was pawing at you down there, Boss."

Portia Kass looked a little guilty as she approached Damian and Sil, but her arms were full of warm fluffy towels, the kids both had their share too. She couldn't help but laugh a little, "Sorry about that... here you go, boss," she said handing Damian the towel off the top.

Conor Nitely peeks out from the towel pile held so carefully over his head, eyes widening as they spot the pudding covered nearly naked mayor. Mouth goes green again, eyes cinched shut quickly.

Damian Rigaud smiles "Thank you... " he says taking a towel and begins to dry himself off

Jaina Lefevre slows as they get close and she makes a face. "Eww...she IS gonna lick it off. I knewed it!" She turns to Conor. "I think his bavin suit is too small. That's..gross. You gonna be all lumpy like that when YOU gets old?"

Deets Carroll waves to Auntie. "Hey Auntie! How was your bout?"

Damian Rigaud looks down "I suppose it is.. I was hoping it would help me get more money bid to me.." he says with a wink

ATMLADY Alcott: walks over and hands the mayor 10Credits, "sorry I messed your puppy up. Take her to the pet shop and get her cleaned up"

Damian Rigaud snarls waving off the credits "Lets not fight in front of the children Auntie.."

Conor Nitely is not looking. Totally. Not. Looking. He stays silent on his assesment of Damian's bathing suit, swaying slightly on his feet again.

Silua Mills looks as though she'd be happy to haul the woman right back over the railing into the pudding pit again, but just forces a smile to her face at the Mayor's words.

Chisaki Nakajima gives Conor a smile and wae of greeting as he Jaina and Potty return "welcome back" she'd say to them all before calling "Mam her momma!"

Portia Kass quickly handed Damian another towel, hopefully with which to cover himself. He wasn't covered in pudding any longer, apparently he'd dipped into the ocean to get clean, but he was definitely soaked an in need of a shower.

Jaina Lefevre looks up at Deets. "Mama? I'm glad you're not all cranky 'cause then you'd get saggy like Auntie and like Sil lady is gonna 'cause she's all cranky all the time." Ah, the wisdom of youth. She points to Portia. "She's a bally-reena, Mama. What's a bally-reena?"

Conor Nitely waves back at Saki, still looking faintly green around the edges. Eyes close tighter then as he spots Auntie off to the side. He doesn't catch Chan's smirk, too busy trying to block the earlier image of Auntie out of his mind.

Deets Carroll eyes Portia, curiously. "A ballerina is a kind dancer, a very pretty and graceful dancer. They tell stories with their dances."

Echo Josephina looks over the railing and sees people fighting in the puddling and says to herself ' aren't chya supposed to eat it? not play wif it'

Damian Rigaud raises his hand as he pulls on his shirt "And the pancakes.. dont forget.."

Portia Kass bit her lip to hold back her giggle at Jaina's comments. It was pretty much her fault that she thought you only got floppy when you're older if you were a mean person. She looked over at Deets, listening to her description and smiled sweetly. Then she threw another towel at Damian, trying to make it land on his head. "Co

at work (thirteen things)

at work (thirteen things)

I was going to do a bubble bath & bon bon shot...'cause you know that's what stay-at-home-moms really do all day.

But Ziggy was almost out of clean diapers, so I figured I'd show a shot of me actually working. (I also made the kids lunches, got them off to school, went running, scrubbed the kitchen counters, did a load of dishes, fed the baby, packed a lunch for the husband and sent him off to school to chaperone Kindergarten Field Day, made a yummy chocolate-banana cake for after school snack time, put Ziggy down for a nap, etc....)

cleaning chocolate stains

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Diet To Clean Colon - Best Colon Cleans - Cleaning Clear Glass Shower Doors.

Diet To Clean Colon

diet to clean colon

  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking

  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead

  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing

  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"

  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"

  • the part of the large intestine between the cecum and the rectum; it extracts moisture from food residues before they are excreted

  • the basic unit of money in El Salvador; equal to 100 centavos

  • The main part of the large intestine, which passes from the cecum to the rectum and absorbs water and electrolytes from food that has remained undigested. Its parts are called the ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colon

  • a port city at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal

  • a prescribed selection of foods

  • follow a regimen or a diet, as for health reasons; "He has high blood pressure and must stick to a low-salt diet"

  • Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight

  • a legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan)

diet to clean colon - African Mango

African Mango Extreme Detox - Complete Colon Cleansing and Detoxifying Formula

African Mango Extreme Detox - Complete Colon Cleansing and Detoxifying Formula

African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) is a tree, native to West Africa. The fruit is delicious and similar to a mango. The seeds are used to make medicine. Studies have suggested that the African Mango is beneficial in reducing fat cell growth and increasing the breakdown of fat in the body. The fiber contained in the African Mango increases the removal of cholesterol and can aid in improving control of diabetes.

African Mango Extreme Detox is a proprietary formula that contains a powerful blend of all natural ingredients including...

Cape Aloe: Native to Africa, cape aloe is renowned for its remarkable benefits as an effective natural laxative and colon cleanser.

Senna Leaves: This effective natural laxative contains natural levels of anthraquinone glycosides which helps stimulate the colon.

Cascara Sagrada: The dried bark of cascara sagrada is another rich source of anthraquinone glycosides.

88% (13)

Thomas & his nub

Thomas & his nub

Thomas has a syndrome known as Megacolon. Megacolon is where an animal becomes constipated because of disease, cancer in the colon or even a lack of a tail.
My vets (3) & I have done a lot of testing (even a colonoscopy) to determine the cause of this. We have determined it is from a lack of a tail. Some animals, dogs & cats a like can develop this. The backbone is connected to an animal’s tail, which is part of the nervous system. He basically does not feel when he has to have a bowel movement until he is very constipated. When Thomas becomes to impacted the vet has to put him under & clean him out. I have been through this many times. It is very hard on him & expensive. As he has gotten older, this syndrome has gotten worse.
I have tried every thing from change of diet, medicines to enemas. Not much seems to work anymore except the enemas (NEVER use a human one, it is toxic to a cat). Yes, you heard me right; I give my cat an enema when needed (a few times a week). I love the boy; he is so sweet & so special. I just cannot imagine putting him down because he is constipated. The vet says he is perfectly healthy except for this.



Cristobal Colon : va neixer Valladolid, Espana el( 20 de mayo de 1506).fue un navegante, cartografo, almirante, virrey y gobernador general de las Indias al servicio de la Corona de Castilla, famoso por haber realizado el denominado descubrimiento de America, en 1492.

diet to clean colon

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