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Clean life products - How to clean mold from basement.

Clean Life Products

clean life products

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clean life products - Prevue Cockatiel

Prevue Cockatiel Clean Life Cage System White/White 18x18x24

Prevue Cockatiel Clean Life Cage System White/White 18x18x24

The Clean Life Bird Cage will make owning a bird more enjoyable and clean up much easier. The .5 inch bar spacing makes this cage ideal for your small bird. An integrated seed guard guides seed and debris back into the cage and with lower cup placement, this effectively reduces mess. A snug-fit, squeegee-edged, removable drawer eliminates the gap between the base and the drawer. The bottom grill is removable from the front of the cage and slides out for easy cleaning. Two perches are included. Some assembly required. Shown in Sage Green/White. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the company of your bird with the Clean Life Bird Cage. Dimensions: 18W x 18D x 24H in. .5 in bar spacing, ideal for small birds. Choice of pet-safe finishes. 2 cup seed capacity; seed guard. Pull out drawer for easy cleaning. 2 feeder cups, 2 perches .

81% (18)

Household products group

Household products group

Image for a retailer's poster.
Shot with a Canon 5d with 3 Elinchrom RX600 heads.
Lime Lite wipes were added later with Photoshop.

Better Life

Better Life

Totally natural plant-based cleaning products from my friends, Tim & Kevin.

clean life products

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