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How To Clean Windows Vista - How To Clean The Inside Of A Microwave - Cleaning Services Cost.

How To Clean Windows Vista

how to clean windows vista

    clean windows
  • (CLEAN window) in the Hogbom CLEAN algorithm, the region A of the residual image which is searched in order to locate the CLEAN components comprising the successive approximants to the radio source brightness distribution.

    how to
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New & Old

New & Old

OK, no artistic masterpiece. I really needed another flash gun to get the result I was looking for here (More on the technique further down).
The idea behind the shot is not very subtle, a 20 year old medium format Bronica and 30 year old light meter in the foreground and a camera phone and laptop in the background, image named "New & Old", I'm sure you get the idea.
The story behind the idea is: I am in the process of cleaning up and putting on display all my old film cameras as well as buying some SLRs I wished I had had 'back in the day'. (You can buy 'Pro' manual focus SLRs that I used to dream about owning for virtually nothing at the moment).
I always said the turning point for digital photography would be when an affordable dSLR could match the image quality of 35mm film. I'm no expert, but I think that line was crossed about 4 years ago when 5mp+ dSLRs dropped below ?500. The latest dSLRs have gone way past 35mm film quality.
So, the question is, will there come a point when you can take better quality images with your telephone than you can with a quality 6x6 medium format film camera like a Bronica or Hasselblad? Heaven forbid!
Based purely on resolution, it's inevitable. But what about creative control and versatility? I hate to say it, but I have seen amazing images on flickr, which, when I checked out of interest to see what camera they where taken with, were taken with compacts!
Anyway, if your still interested, how I took this shot:
Set my 18-70mm kit lens to it's widest aperture (f/3.5), set my D80 to aperture priority and spot metered on the laptop screen. This gave me ISO100, f/3.5, 1/60th. Set the D80 to manual at 1/30th to under expose the screen slightly. D80 on a tripod, focused on the lens of the Bronica and locked the focus my switching to manual focus. Set the D80 pop up flash to commander mode with a TTL compensation of -3 stops. Set my SB-600 flash to TTL and slave from the commander with no compensation. Hand held the flash from different angles (mainly from above) while firing the shutter with a cable release. For an extra bit of lighting 'depth' I positioned a couple of small torches. One shining from the left and one from the right. They were just powerful enough to register a bit of modelling light at the exposure set.
I'm determined to put one more roll of 120 through the old girl before I put her on display. I just hope I can get an image good enough share with you. *Gulp* 12 shots? I take twice as many as that just to test the lighting!

2009's Workspace

2009's Workspace

i have realized having ram, network and harddrive and other system stats is unnecessary to me.. they're cool to look at but they havent changed how i use my computer.

i spend enough time in google reader and dont find "weather" an interesting or worthwhile subject to keep track of.. so weather updates are off the desktop.

taskbar is modded to be thinner and transparent and auto hides/appears when needed.

im using this program called Iconoid to hide/show my desktop icons when i need them. also using launchy and the start menu to launch apps. everything is hot keyed which makes launching into apps easier (for me, at least) than clicking on icons

how to clean windows vista

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